Unearthing fans

I had a busy week, meeting some delightful new people and celebrating events with old friends and extended family. The book came up in conversation quite a lot because its release is still so fresh. More than once someone led me away from the crowd by the elbow to learn about my motivations for writing the book and to thank me for shedding positive light on their nonreligious lifestyle.

And so began the unearthing: the moments when friends and family quietly offer thanks for having written a book that celebrates freethought. 

I expect this will happen regularly. Nonreligious people don't have many opportunities to openly share our rational beliefs. Wonderful Without Religion has catalyzed atheists and agnostics and humanists to come out of their quiet places. 

It's a great time to show the world just how awesome we are.

A book is born

I'm excited for the upcoming release my new book, Wonderful Without Religion.

Ever since I became a freethinker it's been abundantly clear to me that secularism suffers from second-class status not just in my own culture, but in nearly every culture around the world. People of reason are routinely excluded, derided, and feared, often by their own families.

Yet nonbelievers are some of the most thoughtful and ethically-driven people I know. As more of us step forward, the world will see a third way besides the "goodness" of religiosity and the "evil" of heresy. Instead we can follow the intentional, compassionate, and undeniably moral path taken by the many varieties of freethinker: the atheists, skeptics, nones, humanists, agnostics, brights, naturalists, and all the rest of this fantastic crew.

I hope you'll read the book. Set aside your preconceptions about what a freethinker believes or how they live. Take some time to consider that the world might be a far better place when we turn away from supernatural fantasies and focus our thoughts and acts on goodness in the here and now.

The world will be wonderful without religion.