Let's hear from you

I'm very excited to be wrapping up a new book. Wonderful Without Religion is a personal reflection on the process, practice, and pleasure of discovering and living within one's own peaceful, universe-appreciating belief system.

The book won't be complete, though, without more contributors. Here's my call for the thoughts of atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and others (perhaps you?) who are expert at building a great new world without the mythology and unusual concepts behind current religious practice.

Take a moment or two to join me over the next month or so. I'll pose a new question here every few days. Post your answer to one or all of these in the comments section.  I'll include a good selection of your answers in a special chapter dedicated to people just like you.

Don't worry about losing your friends and family and job, however. I'll use your first name only.

Thanks, and let's get started!

How old were you when you realized that you were not religious, and how did you share this with the important people in your life (your mom, dad, siblings, spouse, kids, boss, etc.)? How did they react? What's your advice for someone about to reveal their new beliefs?